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Les Pieds sur Terre came to life in 2014, when 26 year old Valentin Morel took over the families vineyards and winery in Poligny.

He went and studied agriculture and winemaking in Alsace, which was to become one of the best decisions Valentin made. Whilst the oenology school in Beaune is deemed to be the best in France, in Alsace he found that the teachings were far more advanced when it came to organic agriculture, both ideas and principles, and had been for some years.
Macvin Blanc is a Chardonnay – skin maceration with estate eau de vie de Marc, aged in barrels for 2 years.
Apricots, almonds, honey and Iranian raisins, candied fruit.
A layer of freshness and licks of the Marc, the balance between sugar and acidity give tone and fullness to the wine

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