Notes from Tim & Monique from Manon Farm:

APQ Apple, Pear & Quince cider. Created as Autumn takes hold and the grape harvest comes to an end. The usual mixture of certified organic apples from the Schulz family of Forest Range, pears and wild quince collected from around our neighbourhood. Pulped, macerated for a day, and then pressed through Summer meadow hay cut from our farm. 2021 APQ has an element of its fermentation in clay amphora along with old French oak barrels. Bottled as a Pet Nat with a further year and half of slow fermentation in bottle. A thirst quenching, delightfully fruity combination and a refreshing beverage when seeking something lower in alcohol and higher in life. Like our wine, this cider remains raw and living.

We have not made APQ in 2022 so enjoy while it lasts.

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