500ml 32% abv

A firm favourite behind all this city’s best bars, Marionette is unsurprisingly the brainchild of a few stalwarts of the bartending scene. It aims to revitalise the oft overlooked liqueur category – why do a disservice to your ethical, artisanal, 100% blue agave tequila with a sub par curacao?! They work with local farmers, ensuring a transparent supply chain and repurposing so called ‘ugly’ fruit for a very noble cause.

Featuring Navel, Seville and Blood oranges, this curacao is the definition of zingy. It errs on the dry side, but with lovely warm baking spices and gingerbread, and a depth of flavour from cask strength brandy. A serious pleasure to mix with in any number of classic cocktails, but you have to start with a Margarita in our humble opinion.

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