Notes from the masters of Melbourne Sake:

Both Sakes are brewed EXACTLY the same way.
90% Polishing Rate (10% removed – basically white rice you would eat)
25% Koji Ratio
Yeast 9 – aromatic and floral
Low-temperature fermentation so the yeast has a chance to build some delicacy and freshness around the robust and rich riceyness that 90% polished gives.
Tachiminori is from an independent family farm near Nimbin.
Tachiminori – way more green and wild grassy on the nose. Green yuzu, wind grass and savoury rice edge. Acid is much higher and tangier with the wildness very much to the fore.
The Tachi has been grown with so much love. Every element except starch is creating reactions in the fermentation so creating more acidity, umami and “wildness”.
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