Our first foray into non-alcoholic wine, well technically it is in the <0.5% category, but is actually just shy of 0.1% abv. Confused yet? I am. Why did we make it? We really wanted to make a wine for those who aren’t imbibing the hard stuff that has provenance just like our normal range. We didn’t want to make a concoction that mimics wine, we wanted to make a wine. To do this we took some yum Dolcetto from the King Valley and removed the alcohol via the process of pervaperation. A technology new to Australia and one that is one of the best for retaining everything but the alcohol. So this isn’t a faux wine, it is a de-alcoholized, fully fermented wine! How do you make the term de-alcoholized sexy? I don’t think you can. In fact it is hard enough to pronounce let alone sexualise it to be honest.- Winemakers notes

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